Melissokomiki Olympous

Olympus Beekeeping began to operate in 2016 in the production of bee colonies and the collection of bee products, such as honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis. With the primary objective of the organic production of bee products, it has in a pristine environment with a special microclimate and unique biodiversity, Olympus, two apiaries at altitudes of 1000 and 1700 m., maintaining 200 bee colonies. The philosophy of our company is focused on the consumer with the main axis being high quality according to the strictest organic standards, safety as well as a strong position of quality and price. With a focus on meeting the needs of the consumer public, we ethically and consistently apply strategies that are governed by the above principles and serve the above goal. Our company has a steadily upward dynamic course and is now among the most established companies in the sector, with its name being synonymous with quality, reliability, consistency and guarantee.

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From the mythical mountain of Olympous

For this reason we thank all our customers, who constantly confirm our choices and allow us to aim higher, strengthening more and more the relationship of trust and reciprocity that we have developed. We return to the consumer public their trust, passing on to them the experience and dynamics we have through the quality of our products consistently. The respect for the consumer, the principle of reciprocity that we apply, the high quality of products and services combined with our competitive prices, guarantee the economic development and the continuous reinforcement that we have developed with our consumers, which is the source of inspiration and strength for us.